Saturday, November 11, 2006

love this poem

A gift of Love is a treasured thing, as is Poetry. Poetry filled with legacies, memories of family and life. Mine was of a Royal family surviving the uprising of Warsaw, Poland. Having lost almost an entire family and dear friends, 26 in the last 3 1/2 years.
Life takes on a different view. Every moment shared in Life is a gift,...being in the moment to feel. I have survived three near deaths, experiencing the other side, I realized the greatest gift of life is the Love we share with one another & our Creator. TO create and dare to dream and imagine the possibility, the gift of life& the miracle to love again. Believe in your dreams and the passion to live it, the Poetry of life.
A Dance Through Time
Did you remember a glance a smile when
you first saw me?
Did you think of me remembering once when?
Did you close your eyes and feel,
I remember when.....
A scent, a sound & you thought
she was mine....,
In this place in time
when your heart was once mine
A time & place when hearts would smile,
two spirits danced that could have a while,
Two souls gliding as if in a trance,
remembering a moment & a stare that took a chance.
You lifted my heart as you touched me,
we danced around the stars.
Do you still remember me?
Will you remember me from this place in time.
When you once held my heart & I felt you in mine,
In this, A Dance through time.
When your heart was once mine.

Halina Maria Kacicki

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