Tuesday, October 17, 2006

paul email is down yours millanyangel

Hi dear friend Paul your to kind I did exact measurement of the threads v type straight type ¾ long my true measurements o.d 1inch and 7/16 true right on ;; and deep are 1 inch ¼ right on true I got very fine with it non metric the glass tube is heavy shar v type threads so above measurements would then screw into the special block ; set srews would with radio frequency cause hot spots re pressure points a high grade of steel that I can get heat treated by local blacksmith I know would be the cats meow so to speak all the other dimensions a ok 4inchs by 4inchs by 5 inchs with rounded section perfect as well as holes the glass tube is flush with the back part looking at the back of the block it would be flush ill then after heat treating it as I need the fine adjustments with silicon heat goop ill then add the cooling fines I have here the back plate or base the ½ inch plate aluminum piece 9inchs ½ by 8 inchs and ¾ if you can supply a chunk I can drill it the piece I got I simply don’t trust it being cast mega thanks what size of metal sample and video you like cheers john


From: Paul Mueller [mailto:millanyangle@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 4:09 PM
To: john hutchison
Subject: mounting block

hey John

o.k....there is a 1&7/16-12 and a 1&7/16-16....it may just be a M.M. size...36mmX4 =1.417dia by 6.4 threads per inch...you said the O.D. over the threads on your bulb measures 1.446....this maybe 37mm tap we need...37mm=1.457dia...the screw is usualy a little smaller(lose fit)...but the biggest tap i can find anywhere is 36mm....i thought about threading the part in the cnc lathe also,like you mentioned, but i would still need to know the exact threads per inch, and i would need the light bulb to make sure it fits properly..threads per inch look like 8, but could be 7.8 or 8.1 and that little bit differance will keep light bulb from screwing in....i think the best thing to do is think of another way to clamp the bulb..i can make it a straight hole,dia of O.D. of bulb,than lock it in from the side with 1 or 2 set screws that have a spring plunger point...take a look at the drawing i included....i belive this would still give you enough contact area between bulb and part hole......are there any numbers on the bulb, can you track down the manufacture and ask what thread size it is exactly.

P.S. did you let your domain name expire....cant get to your web site any more, brings me to some one elses website???

your frien Paul


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From: Paul Mueller [mailto:millanyangle@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 9:14 AM
To: john hutchison
Subject: Re: computer dyeing if offline means its toast

hmmm..what does your computer have to do with other people being able to get to your site..strange set up...i hope your comp. is o.k....Oh yea, i found your old web site from 4 years ago.

its 11:00 here now...im at work...showed everyone thier pictures on your blog...it made them happy...the cats also.

so what do you think of the set screw idea...i can make this part for you as soon as you give me the o.k....we have to get this up and running for you again.

Your friend Paul

john hutchison wrote:

Its goes offline and black I got kick it on off until steady smething
loose or dyeing


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