Tuesday, October 31, 2006

art of love

 Well something different ; in love making ; did you know its possible to keep your partner ;in true bliss for days not minutes yet also ten minutes can be a moment in time always rememberd the true art of love making and falling in love and keeping your relationship fresh forever young ;; well its possible empathy is a form of joining on all levels ; being empathis feeling what she feels and she feels what you feel few guys know this let alone the word tearing away barriers and walls forming new thought processes with high positive ways more to come ; psychological is at play self improvement for the one you love truly looking inside your self and making changes from within kind of tibetian humuor is a great key it depends on the guy really acting funny and its very healthy laughter the best medicine alays be honest to your lady no matter what I personally never hd an rguent with my exs neer be into manipulation always be a fortress for your princess always remember forever young such couples exist ; yes men try being how do you say they read these weird articles on how to attract women and use the tricks they may work but in the short term what about the real guy some say the alpha man or the biological signals well those exist they are called pheromones and set up interaction between 2 folks thus forming a bond slowly men instints rea;l men not thee abusive type or control types have this instinct to protect woman I sure do and always had I never got into n argument with any woman true my exs will vouch for that if it was not for motivations of my exs I would still be with them or she ; I never control another yet all my exs are my friends yet also I myself see I need to change a few things one is simply stuff that why iam destroying this world of stuff and carry on in other ways that can help others like our network tv show iam now wiling to move from stuff ok starting into this world of love making oh forgot always point out positive things to your soulmate like alternative health or ideas also let your fantasies open the door for them as well as fetishes nothing wrong here ; its just a matter of pschlogical conditioning ok iam going to start simple threw kama sutra then work into tantra and empathy the finest of love making empathetic ok one small example is breathing her breath and you the same that’s step on of hundreds I developed ; yes me the world famous scientist some folks put me on a pedestal gee iam but human ok here we go INDRANI ; DRAWS UP BOTH HER KNEES ; UNTILL THEY NUZZLE THE CURVES OF HER BREASTS ;HER FEET FIND LOVERS ARMPITS . SMALL GIRLS LOVE THIS POSTURE ,BUT BECOMING A GODDESS TAKES A LOT OF PATIANCE .. FLOWER IN BLOOM SHE CUPPS AND LIFTS HER BUTTOCKS ;WITH HER PALMS SPREADS WIDE HER THIGHS AND DIG IN HER HEELS BESIDES HER HIPS WHILE YOU CARESS HER BREASTS GRASPING THE ANKELS OF THE ROUND HIPPED WOMAN WHOSE BUTTOCKS ARE LKE 2 RIPE GOURDS . RAISE HER BEAUTIFUL THIIGHS AND SPRAD THE THIN JOINTS THE FLAG OF CUPID THIS IS CUTE . FULL OF DESIRE SAYING SWEET WORDS . APPROACH HER WITH YOUR BODY STIFF AS A POLE AND DRIVE STRAIGHT FORWARD TO PEIRCE HER LOTUS AND JOIN YOUR LIMBS CATCH HOLD OF HER 2 FEET RAISING THEM TILL THEY PRESS UPON HER BREASTS AND HER LEGS FORM A ROUGHT CIRCLES . CLASP HER NECK AND MAKE LOVE TO HER ILL WRITE A BIT MORE LATER

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