Wednesday, September 13, 2006

nicholes poetry and pictures

God, Souls, and TimeTime is the shadow that lies with in your soul,It's neither present, nor past and can never be controlled.Time can heal a person's heart or make it grow old,It can hold all the pain, happiness, and horror yet see the light of tomorrow. Time can seem long yet short lived.It can put a special peace to a never ending puzzle,an yet give you the answer in the mist of your sorrow. Were can time go to rest and relax?Could it save the lost soul or be lost in eternity fighting for itsway back?If time was to be still could we see God?If time were to rewind could we learn to forgive.If time could fast forward would we see the end or just the beginning again?Since life is the turning will of time and we live it so fastshould we then live like we do or hold on hoping it to last?Should we take more time to see or less?Since life is time should we be living it like we have?By Nichole Ortberg

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